11 bonne raisons de visiter l’île de Mayotte

Sa culture authentique et la diversité des activités offertes, la distingue de toutes les autres escales pour une expérience unique. Afibn de terminer de vous en convaincre, voici 11 (très) bonnes raisons de venir en vacances à Mayotte. Tant de choses à voir !

An exceptional waterway

Viewing experience: deserted islands with white sand beaches, double barrier and passes through the coral reefs. Navigation in the caldera since the northern pass is a great place to enjoy from the outer decks, sometimes with the company of hundreds dolphins crossing the bows of the ships ..

Saziley, emmergence, bebe,

An unspoilt biodiversity

A true spectacle of nature where wild animals in their natural environment interact beside you : 14 species of marine mammals, bird colonies and endemic fauna. Ecosystems are fragile and subject to quotas, an astonished biodiversity.

Petite terre

Landscape shaped by volcanoes

Reliefs of lateritic coastline and cultivated valleys, rare geological formations: maars, padza, tombolo crater of emerald waters, etc.. The coral stone, black preachers of the land, contrast with beaches of coral sand and glitter volcanic sand, a feast for the eyes.


Villages preserved from modern times

Mayotte villages have emerged through over 900 years of history, cultural influences and invasions. Mamoudzou, capital and economic center rivaling the ancient capital as Tsingoni, religious center or Dzaoudzi intimately linked to French history. Urbanization is gaining but not yet reached the villages and the bush where many houses are still in tin or mud.


A little hideout of West India Company

A historical pirate hideout, the island has been visited during the 17th and 18th century by the great European navigators anchoring in M'Tzamboro then Tsingoni for trafficking of precious commodities and slaves.


A tradition of hospitality

People of festivities and traditions, Mayotte warmly welcome their guests, colored by the singing of women, their lambas shimmering on the playful rhythms, inviting visitors to share a moment of enthusiastic local folklore.


Francophonie in Southern Africa

A unique human experience in the southwest Indian Ocean, mestizo traditions across the southern basin, driven by the insular lethargy and the French "zeal ". A true cultural mosaic for this French Department bringing out a new wave of mahorese artists through the French language.


Cosmopolitan culture and identity

A matriarchal culture, steeped in ancestral rites of
the Swahili coast of Kenya, African and Malagasy
beliefs. A typical way of life, tinged with tradition
introduced by the Sunni Arab-Persian. Islam here is 3 "tropical", very tolerant religion practiced by 95% of the population.


Ecotourism made in Mayotte

Wilderness trips accessible to all: boat trips, wildlife observation, meeting with local life and hiking. All visits are at the heart of an exuberant nature in the company of experienced guides who inform of the protocols for protecting the fauna and flora during the visit.


Excursions with true sensations

Dolphin Safari, salt harvesting, distilling ylang flowers, sugar mill ruins, hiking and snorkeling, historical and religious heritage... The tours are varied and are distinguished by the authenticity of the island and its people, real news and unforgettable experience.

Cuisine, poulpe, culinaire

A touch of African flavors

An amazing experience of flavors and culinary practices of southwestern Indian Ocean: "Mabawa" grilled chicken wings, "mataba" cassava leaf cooked in coconut milk, swordfish, tropical fish grilled in combava... The mahorese cuisine is a new experience, to be enjoyed in many restaurants on the island.