In the shade of the baobabs, is the hiding place or refuge of the makis and the djinns

A marvellous path often shaded at the extreme southeast of the island. At the heart of the marine- life and nature reserve is the park of Saziley (2,800 hectares). The departure point is from M’tsamoudou adorned with its pretty houses in gay colours. The path quickly takes on the aura of an African savana with its baobabs standing proudly, raising up their im- posing silhouettes. The adorable makis often take refuge there signalling their presence by emitting little cries. Legend would have it that these trees would also be inhabited by their ancestors’spirits (djinns). After a black pebble stoned beach you will fondle the clear sand of the superb beach of M’tsanga Saziley and you will swim up to the rich corals in the company of the turtles. In the distance shines the astonishing island of white sand.