The bewitching fragrance of the ylang-ylang

This delicate yellow flower with six long petals will ac- company each one of your walks on the island. The trees with tortured forms are erected several times a year and pruned in order that they stay at picking height. The flowers of the ylang-ylang are so bewitching that they have seduced the most prestigious perfumers. Their essence is one of the composants of numerous famous perfumes. It is early in the morning in the dry season that the best flowers are picked and instantly dis- tilled, thus they preserve their freshness and aromas. You will come across several producers of essence of ylang-ylang dis- tilling the flowers of their plantations in the beautiful alambics, particularly in the centre of the island, around Combani. It is notably exactly there that the famous plantation of Guerlain has its rows of ylang-ylang aligned. A visit not to be missed.

The ecomuseum of vanilla and of ylang. At Jimaweni, four kilometres from Sada on the road which goes towards Chirongui, a sign situated on the right of the road indicates its location. 02 69 62 95 85 –