Mount Choungui

Mount Choungui dominates the south of the island. Its perfect abrupt cone 594 meters high can be seen from Petite-Terre and Sada. It is possible to ascend to its summit in the dry season. It is one of the musts of the island. The approach walk departing from the village of Choungui is easy but a part of the climb is very steep requiring you to hold on to the roots and tree trunks. At the top, the plat- form allows you to picnic in front of the astonishing pano- rama of an endless lagoon : a coral reef bordered in white with the little isles of Bamboo and Bandrelé islands, emerald colour coral reefs, the promontories of Saziley, N’gouja and Bouéni, the villages of Chirongui, Kani-kéli, Poroani, and finally the island of Petite-Terre and Sada !