Fabulous escapade on the small islands

The island and its thirty or so islets

spread across the lagoon, sheltered from the ocean, are the great attraction of Mayotte. Impressive in size and with luxuriant vegeta- tion such as the island of M’tsamboro or the national nature reserve in M’bouzi, they offer underwater and terrestrial excursions. Other more modest islands allow you to land and to enjoy the peace or tranquillity of the beaches or the observation of underwater reefs. A few oar strokes away they invite you to discover the preserved magic of these lit- tle islands.

In the north of Mayotte, easily accessible tiny islands are true picture postcard scenes. M’tsamboro offers to visitors a spectacular viewpoint of the neighbouring reefs. On the islands of Choizil, a strip of white sand joins two rocky promontories. More modest in size, other islands await you, like Handréma, M’titi and the incredible M’tsangoma at the centre of a fairy tale world of marine colours. On the white isles of the south, you will dis- cover turquoise pools. The islands of coral sand are visible at low tide and allow visitors to fondle the immaculately fine white sand. A trip by boat to the island of Bandrélé will lead you to the gates of the reserve of Sazi- ley. If you stay on the island at night, you will probably observe the turtles hatching. To sleep rough at Saziley near the beautiful wooden house of the coastal conservatory is a rare experience. This beach is particularly beautiful as it is situated in a protected ma- rine area. It is in fact one of the most active places for turtle egg hatching on the island.