Mayotte Marine Nature Park

On January 18, 2010, Mayotte Lagoon of cially became the rst overseas marine nature park and France’s second marine park.

two years after it was created, how is it doing today?
The year 2011 saw the actual creation of the Mayotte marine nature park, and the start of work to plan and prepare the initial preparatory activities.

The park has earned itself a place in Mayotte’s institutional landscape with strong relationships being forged with all key players involved in the preservation and enhancement of the marine environment, helping to get interested parties involved through the organisations already in existence, and with the issuing of the rst opi- nions concerning projects likely to have signi – cant effects on the marine environment.

The “Journées du parc”, (park days) organised this year on the theme of the future of Mayot- te’s shing industry were without a doubt the high point of 2011, providing all shermen, from solo shore-based anglers to tuna shing boats with an opportunity to express their hopes and concerns.
actions still to come…

Le Parc naturel marin de Mayotte doit élaborer son plan de gestion d’ici le 18 janvier 2013, ainsi que le prévoit son décret de création. The Mayotte marine nature park needs to draw up its management plan by January 18, 2013, as stipulated in the decree which gave rise to its creation. This is the task of the management committee, which currently de nes manage- ment goals and will carry on doing so in 2012, increasingly spelling out its objectives and the areas for action which will provide a framework for the subsequent drafting of the action plans.

The management committee must also dene the indicators which will make it possible to objectively verify the effectiveness of the measures deployed. This work cannot be under- taken without at least a minimum knowledge of the environments concerned and the activities carried out there. The task is to draw up an “initial overview”, listing the current state of knowledge.

One of the priorities is to “make mayotte a centre of excellence in all elds concerning the knowledge and monitoring of tropical marine ecosystems”. Therefore, the acquisition of this knowledge, to be used for management purpo- ses, must be an integral part of our manage- ment policies. With this in mind, the 2012 working programme for the National Marine Park will be focused on:
- The collection of information and data for the drafting of the initial overview and the introduc- tion of regular long-term monitoring
- The drafting of the business and operating plan
- The deployment of specific actions in keeping with the management policies of the park.